In this, my inaugural blog, I’d planned to talk about my newest novel, THE LAST RANCH and my writing, but the Orlando massacre changed all that. Actually, it’s the aftershock that got me thinking that we are on the verge once again of becoming a nation divided.  And if we are living in a broken society snarling and tearing at itself, we cannot be healed by lofty rhetoric, partisan demagoguery, impassioned eulogies, heartfelt prayers, finger-pointing, or outpourings of sympathy. We will only begin to heal when we demand from those we elect to serve that they adhere to a higher standard and put the safety, well-being, and welfare of all citizens first above all else, including their own self interests. We deserve no less.

Can we do it? I think so, but let’s start small. From this day forward, let us agree to vote out of office any incumbent, and refuse to elect any candidate, whether they be local, state, or federal, who refuses to actively support a total and immediate ban on assault rifles.

It’s time to tell the politicians that they get a one way ticket home if they fail to act in the best interest of the people of this great nation. So let’s start small by asking every candidate for office one simple, direct question: Would you actively support and vote for a local, state, and national ban on civilian ownership of assault weapons?

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  1. No- I would not vote for banning a weapon That is used by 1000's of Hunters and in the last 20 years has only been used 3 times in mass murders. which is too many.– But it is not the weapon buyer rather the shooter who would be an extremist or mentally ( Nuts) . That is my belief as a freedom loving Texan!

  2. What kind of hunter uses an assault rifle? Assault rifles have one purpose and one purpose only—maximum damage and destruction of fellow humans!

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