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Slow Kill (2004)
As in McGarrity's eight previous Kerney novels (Everyone Dies; etc.), the author excels at detailing police procedures as well as creating a homespun, wry tone that suits setting and characters.  Reviewer: Publishers Weekly - July, 2004 As in the past episodes in this long-running series, McGarrity juggles police procedural and domestic storylines effectively, drawing readers into the dynamics of Kerney's long-distance marriage just as he unerringly charts the painstaking investigative work that defines the lives of real-world cops. Precise realism remains McGarrity's hallmark; his own experience as a deputy sheriff and as a therapist working with abuse victims informs his fiction on every page.  This not a series for those who hope to find either high-octane excitement or existential angst in their cop novels.  McGarrity deals in the quotidian reality of a cop's life, and he does so with remarkable verisimilitude Reviewer: Booklist - August, 2004