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Serpent Gate Serpent Gate was reissued in paperback in November 2012.   
"Serpent Gate," (Scribner) Michael McGarrity's third novel in the Kevin Kerney mystery series, is the best yet, which is saying a lot. This is a stay-up-late book, tightly plotted, a complex story with a wide variety of believable characters, and McGarrity gives the reader an inside view of the procedure and politics of a police investigation. "Serpent Gate" relies less on the scenic beauty and mood of New Mexico, but that's alright. It also heavier on the suspense than the two previous Kerney mysteries, showing off impressive storytelling skills. He's a very talented writer who shows no signs of slacking off. Word of mouth and hand-selling have brought the author a respectable following. With a new publisher and his best book yet written, a wider audience and bestsellerdom are in store for Michael McGarrity. Add "Serpent Gate" to your summer reading list. Highly recommended! (Reviewer: Daniel Foster) SERPENT GATE is the third Kerney mystery and like the previous two (TULAROSA and MEXICAN HAT), the novel is a tremendous southwest who-done-it. Kevin is a great character who, through his actions, helps the reader better understand the difference between justice and the law. The support cast helps propel the two investigations forward, and they dexterously blend into a fast-paced story line. Michael McGarrity is no longer a rising star because he has obviously arrived.  (Reviewer: Harriet Klausner  4/12/98)