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Nothing But Trouble (2005)
In his ninth (Everyone Dies, 2003, etc.), Santa Fe Police Chief Kevin Kerney meets an old friend, cracks a tough case and goes to the movies. Fast-talking, hard-drinking, skirt-chasing Johnny Jordan is less a friend than a case of nostalgia gone sour...  Although the hero vanishes for nearly a hundred pages, the series remains one of crime fiction's most readable. Reviewer:  Kirkus This is one of the best books in the Kevin Kerney series because readers have a balanced view of the protagonists’ marriage as they struggle to survive a long distance commuter relationship with the wife sent to various hot spots in the world.  Fans who like to get behind the scene and learn how a movie is made will like NOTHING BUT TROUBLE, a police procedural filled with action, intrigue and a touch of romance. The mystery is well thought out with unexpected twists and turns. Michael McGarrity writes his usual realistic and entertaining crime thriller. Reviewer: Harriet Klausner