POSTED BY: Michael McGarrity
POSTED: December 12th 2016

McGarrity Inadvertently (Stupidly) Deletes Blog.
Dateline Santa Fe, NM
December 11, 2016
After publishing a rambling, rather long philosophical blog concerning the cover story featuring a nine-page spread about his novels in the Sept./Oct. 2016 issue of Firsts: The Book Collector’s Magazine, McGarrity attempted to correct a typo but instead managed to delete (thankfully) the entire posting. All attempts to rescue it from the void of cyberspace  having happily failed, he herewith provides the following synopsis from the Table of Contents:
     (McGarrity’s) “first book, Tularosa, is a masterpiece of it’s genre and the ones that followed were just as good. Recently, McGarrity finished his Kerney Family Trilogy of Western novels. None of McGarrity’s books are as elusive or as expensive as they are certain to become.”
In a side note, he promised to work at improving his proof-reading skills. (Don’t count on it.)