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POSTED: March 14th 2017

 Just back from the Tucson Book Festival, I’ve plunged into RESIDUE with an eye to hit the halfway point in the story by April. Tucson was great, but it was my last major public appearance event of the year. Coming up next are four remaining events on my schedule, none of which are truly “public.” This Friday, March 17, I’ll be speaking to creative writing students at the New Mexico School of the Arts here in Santa Fe, and on Tuesday, March 28, I’ll be appearing on a panel at the Society of Applied Anthropology at the La Fonda Hotel, also here in Santa Fe.
 On Saturday, April 8, I’ll be speaking at the annual University of New Mexico Writers Conference in Albuquerque, and on Sunday, at an old friend’s request, I’ll meet with members of the Tanoan Book Club in Albuquerque. 
 And that will be it, until the end of the year.

 Over the past twenty-one years, I can’t remember establishing such an absolute cut-off on public events for myself, but from May until the end of October, I need to be totally focused on the book. Maybe, if everything falls into place by then, and my editor is happy with the result, I’ll take my sweetie away for a Christmas holiday somewhere nice and warm. 

I do plan to blog occasionally, so I won’t become completely invisible.

See you down the road.


  1. "Residue" suits your work: never ceases to amaze me, how well your trilogy of the American West is so harmonious with the novels that precede (in time) and follow(in substance). At what point did you realize you were going to write the trilogy?

  2. Well my hermano, seems you have a new fan! My seven year old grandson and I have been working on his reading and soon graduated from Mickey Mouse to Under Color of Law. I never realized how "easy" your dialogue is to read and understand. I think that way because I not only visualize your words, it's like I can hear your voice doing the reading probably because we spent a lot of time working together in State government. Whatever the reasons, Anthony going for your books instead of a comic book or as he describes books for younger kids, after all, he will be eight next week!! Buena suerte, Senor y Senora McGarrity.

  3. How did you decide Clayton Istee as your son? I’m Jicarilla Apache from Dulce but I have relations from Mescalero and attended school with Mescalero kids back in the Sixties. I enjoy your books. I would like to try my hand at a novel but don’t know to begin.

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